• Bargains by the Bagful

    Charity Shopping Fundraiser
    Currently Paused: returning in the future

Bargains by the Bagful

Charity Shopping Fundraiser
A masked Team Member with gloves helps out at a local JBF sale.
Currently Paused: returning in the future

Want to get a bagful of items at one super-low price, and support local families in need at the same time?

We invite you to come to our shopping fundraiser event!

How the shopping fundraiser works:
  1.  Register for your access ticket.
  2.  Select the items you want during the special fundraiser event time.
  3.  Pay for your items by the bagful - $20 for all the items you can fit into an IKEA bag!

100% of the proceeds from bag sales will go to our charity partners so you'll be helping local families in need.

You'll score bagfuls of amazing items and local families in need get support!

​Currently Paused: returning in the future

*NOTE*: Tickets are required for Bargains by the Bagful shopping event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the items cost at this event? 

You will get IKEA shopping bag(s) to use.  You can fill the bag with as many items as will fit.   Please note hangers must be left on clothing and items must remain in their packaging.  The price for each IKEA bagful of items will be only $20.

What types of items will be there?

We will have clothes for ages newborn to teen, toys, books, games, feeding & bathing items, shoes, bedding, sports equipment, electronics and more.

What items may I choose?

You may choose from any of the thousands of items on the sales floor with a D on their tag.  We'll show you an example tag when you arrive.  If you would like an item that does not have a D on the tag you are welcome to purchase it separately.

Are any items excluded from this fundraiser event?

Items without a D on their tag are excluded. Items that are too large to fit into an IKEA bag are also excluded.  If you would like an item that is excluded you are welcome to purchase it separately.

Is there a limit to the number of bagful's of items I can purchase?

No, you may purchase as many bagful's of items as you would like. Each IKEA bagful of items will cost $20. 100% of the proceeds from bag sales will go to our charity partners.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, but each attendee needs to have a separate ticket (children under 18 do not need  a ticket).  Please be sure to register for a ticket for each adult attending as total capacity is limited for this special event.

Are children allowed at the fundraiser shopping event?

Yes, children are allowed to come with you. For their safety and social distancing, please keep children by your side at all times.  

Where do all the items come from?

Families whose kids have outgrown them.  Families prepare their items at home and then deliver them to the event, freeing up space in their homes and blessing other local families in the process.  When the items arrive at the event they are all checked by our team for quality and function.

What charities are being supported during this fundraiser?

Multiple organizations and many local families are the beneficiaries of this fundraiser event.  You can see our current charity partners here.

Is free parking available?

Yes, there are multiple free parking lots attached to the sports center.  There are often sports tournaments also happening at the complex.  We recommend you arrive early so that you can find a parking spot without feeling pressured for time.


We love happy shoppers!

A Mom holds up her JBF shopping bag with her right hand while resting her left hand on her stroller with toddler daughter inside.
Grandmom, mom and baby in a carrier gather together and flash a smile as they shop for baby items.
A group of shoppers wearing masks for safety reasons gathers together at the sale to shop.
Three young girls are excited to shop together in the toy section of their local JBF sale.

Get YOUR smile ready and come #ShopHappy with us!

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